Yes and Amen: Not Done, Delayed or Denied
Published: May 18, 2023
"If you are reading this book, I believe you have found something of an immeasurable value. Read this book, apply the revelation therein, and you will find the answers you have been looking for." -Pastor Isaac Segun-Abugan God never delays or denies legitimate prayers! When we think God may have asked us to wait or shunned us off, we are likely to retreat and surrender since we don't have any higher power to appeal to.…

Yes And Amen: Not Done, Delayed or Denied

God is love and loves us so much that He would answer our prayers while we are still speaking.

God commands us not to withhold good from people and not to delay others. He would be an hypocrite to command us to do things that he doesn’t do Himself.

Many scriptures have been misinterpreted t mean God says “No” or tells us to “Wait”. Many examples and breakdowns are sited in the book.

Some answers come as instructions. Not executing given instructions make lack of manifestations appear delayed or denied by God

There are five phases of prayer (utterance, acknowledgement, Approval, Dispatch and delivery) and Satan ambushes us in about six places (before utterance, during utterance, after utterance, after dispatch, during delivery and after delivery) within the prayer phases. Satan can’t do anything from the acknowledgement phase to dispatch phases and these phases completes in micro seconds.

When we know Satan’s involvement in delayed or denied manifestations, we would wage Holy war continuously without ceasing.

When we know that God answers prayers that align with his will and uttered in faith, we would boldly approach Him more in prayer.

Prayerlessness is a symptom that faith has dwindled or is lacking

Faith is powered by our state of mind and knowledge. Our state of mind changes by the information available to us. Story of a man in a room and a marksman in an adjacent room. Faith and fear ensues based on information provided to him about the presence of the marksman, his purpose and status.

2020 story about how perception of a situation changes. God used situation that appeared as a knockout blow to be an eagle’s wing for breakthrough.

Knowledge precedes knowledge.



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