A Better Way To Pray – Chapter 02: How Long Do You Pray?

How Long Do You Pray?

Much of today’s so-called “prayer”, offends God. He’s never mad at us for praying amiss.

Keep an Open Heart

  • Keep an open heart and an ear tuned to the Holy Spirit

Public Religiosity

A Real Drag

  • God doesn’t enjoy many of our prayers
  • A religious 3 hours daily prayer can be a drag. We can’t impress God

Why Am I Doing This?

No Virtue

  • Short prayers can have more virtue if prayed correctly
  • “HELP” is a great prayer
  • Long prayers are not bad if they are flowing, especially when praying in tongues to build ones spiritually. Jude 20 But you, beloved, building yourselves up on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Spirit,
  • Prayer should not be an opportunity to petition God

Don’t Fool Yourself

  • Prayer becomes religious when we use it for what God never intended
  • Long prayers does not guarantee answers – correct prayers do, whether long or short.

All Day Long!

  • Prayer is communion with God, and you can spend all day communing with God

Constant Communion

  • God is with us all the time, and that’s communion
  • Special times of intimacy with God is also recommended
  • Don’t limit relationship with God to special times of intimacy

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