A Better Way To Pray – Chapter 12: The Primary Purpose of Prayer

The Primary Purpose of Prayer

Prayer, simply put, is communion with God. It’s fellowship, relationship and intimacy with Him. It’s a two-way conversation or dialogue involving talking and listening. Asking and receiving is a small part of the purpose of prayer. Loving, worshiping and fellowshipping with Him should dominate our prayer life.

Added Supernaturality

Praise Changes Perspective

  • Our perspective changes when we put God first by praising Him – many of our fears cease to being problems anymore.

I Never Ask God For Money

  • f we would just worship and fellowship with Him, He would supernaturally add everything we need

Blessed or Stressed?

  • We can be too blessed to be stressed
  • We can allow people to rent spaces in our minds for their criticisms
  • Looking into God’s glory blinds us to other things


  • If the Lord called me to minister His Word, He’d be unjust not to give me the equipment we need to get the job done.
  • God’s Word is already anointed

Unimportant Obsessions

Loving God

  • Our lives will be more stable as we enter God’s presence and primarily using our prayer to love on Him and worship Him
  • If loving and communing with God is not our primary purpose in prayer, we’re missing out on what Christianity is all about!

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