It was love at first sight
Just what I’d been searching for
Someone who would fight for love
I never dreamed I could find so much more
You were committed to me
So much that you died so that I
Could be free
And I’m glad so glad for
This love that you’ve given to me

I found a love that will never end
It can mend the broken heart
Make the sun to shine again
I found a love that will never cease
I do believe I found
I found an everlasting love

You swept me off of my feet
And gave me a brand new song to sing
A song about the real love
I’ve got to tell you you’re my
You left your glory for grace
I should have died but you stood
In my place
So when you see my tears
They’re for joy and not fear
When I’m in your loving embrace

Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus loves me
Yes Jesus love me
I’m glad I’m so glad
I’m glad I’m glad I know it’s so

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