People go through life without a worry
And they’re spending their time on earth on earthly things
They need to know that through their life there is a purpose
To a dying world, this Message we must bring

Though we tend to feel security in our salvation
We should constantly think about the lost
There are people young and old
Dying and losing their souls
Without ever taking time to count the cost

Now let the truth we’ve learned:
We have to help others to turn
From a world that’s dark to glory in light
You need to know the reason why you were chosen:
You’re not here just to pass the time

I tend to think that there’s a purpose to your existence
And it’s to tell some lost soul about Christ!
So go and tell the world

Go and tell somebody
Tell them that Jesus really loves them
And He died for their sins
Go tell somebody
Soon He will come back again

Now that you’ve come out of the darkness
You should turn on the light for a friend
Don’t leave them there groping in darkness
But tell them how they can be born again

There are people dying everyday
You should go and find a way


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