Look at all the lonely people
Reaching out with empty arms
Their lives are moving around in circles
The rejection brings so much harm
The light has come to help the darkness
We must work while it is today
We must stand together united
And show someone the way

Is there not a cause
To reach the lost
No matter the cost
Is there not a reason
To show the love of Jesus
We have in our hearts
I say ye
There is a cause

My mind goes back when I needed a savior
When my life was upside down
Through all the pain and the desperation
Not a true friend could be found
Seems as though when I reached my limit
That’s when I found sweet victory
Somebody told me the old old story
About a man at Calvary

For everything there is a time
I believe it’s true
We can change somebody’s destiny
It depends on me and You

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