Come on and make some noise in this house!
I need to hear you.
Come on, give God some praise in the house!

Who is like the Lord?
Who can do the things You do for me?
There’s no one as faithful;
No one has been as true as You to me.

That’s why I’m gonna praise You;
I’m gonna lift my hands.
I’m gonna show the world
How much You mean to me.

Lord, You are all-powerful,
Your grace immeasurable;
There’s nobody like You.
Lord, You are indescribable;
No words can explain how great You are.
There’s nobody like You… to me.

There’s nobody like you,
None as faithful and true;
To you all praise is due,
For nothing compares to you.

Nothing compares, nothing compares to you.
Searched all over, couldn’t find nobody…

Nothing compares to You, Lord!
Nothing compares to You!

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