Looking at the news today is a cold depressing thing
we see our nation stained and the whole worlds up in flames.
People starving all over the land
what a low down dirty shame and abroad we see the same we have our selves to blame.
Well it’s been said that we should share what the master gives to us
well the time has come to help someone less fortunate than us.

Save the world,
feed the hungry people,
clothe the little babies,
lend a helping hand.
Save the world, feed the hungry people, show them we love and care.

I took a walk into town this morning
a beggar followed me
he said he needed food to eat and spare some change please.
I took him into the closest grill and paid for all he could eat
it warmed my heart as he said thank you ma’am to me.
Well it saddened me as walked a little further
just to see that there is more than one on every corner without a place to sleep.


We’ve got to feed the hungry mind soul and body
shelter feed and cloth everybody with much as we can
please stretch out your hand.


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