A Secret Place in You where peaceful waters flow
To dwell beneath Your
Wings abiding through your shadows
Let me Hide in You (Oh let me hide)
It’s the safest place I know

When my mind is far from ease at the load I cannot bare
There’s a place I love to go, because I know I’ll find You there
A place where I can rest from the blues & misery
I am so glad to have

With a thousand things to do, there’s not enough time in a day
So much responsibility, oh how I’d love to steal away
To the place where I can rest & You can regulate my mind
So glad I found in You

When in the secret place I can find out what in this life I am to do
So since You abide in me I am so glad that I can get away & hide In You

My Secret Place; My Secret Place

My secret Place I love to go special rendezvous
Secret place oh Lord, nobody there but me & You
Secret place I go & there I know I’ll find
All the love I’ve been looking for to ease my troubled mind
That’s where I go, that’s where I go (oh that’s where I go)
My Secret Place


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