I close my eyes
I feel I can see You!
The air is filled with Your glory
I talk to You
I listen for Your still voice
Now this is real and it’s ecstasy
And I made my promise and I stake my claim
Yesterday today and forever it’s the same

Whatever it takes
I’ll be willing to do it
Whatever it takes
I’m ready to go for it
No mountain too high
There’s no valley to low
I’m at a place where pleasing You takes priority
Love makes it easy
Whatever it takes
I’ll be willing to do it for You

Now I’m committed to loving You forever
Not just a fling but eternity
Lord You’ve been faithful through the good and the
Bad times
Since I met You it is heavenly
It doesn’t matter I’ve considered it all
My heart is open to Your beckoning call

I’m gonna keep on walking
I’m gonna keep on talking
I wanna tell how good You’ve been to me
I’m glad I get this feeling!
When I’m on my knees and kneeling
Anything You want from me I give it willingly

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