There is a fountain flowing
From the heart of the living God
A spring that offers healing
A well of hope for a dying world
A sacred place where the waves
Of grace and mercy overflow
It hold the cure for the broken
Heart and satisfies the thirsty soul
It satisfies the soul and the call goes out

Whosoever will come to the water
Whosoever will drink and never die
Everyone that thirsteth can be satisfied
Come unto Jesus the fountain of life

Come to Him for cleansing
Wash away every guilty stain
Come and find refreshing
A song of joy in time of pain
The door to life now is opened wide
For all to enter in
Taste and see that the Lord is good
And you will never thirst again
You’ll never thirst again and the
Savior’s calling

To every nation tribe and tongue
The spirit and the bride say come
Come to the ever living one
The spirit and the bride same come
Out of the barren desert land
The spirit and the bride say come
Drink from the cup of God’s own hand
The spirit and the bride say come

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