You can’t stop the river from
Rolling to the sea
You can’t stop the dancin’ of a
Heart set free
Night won’t last forever just as
Sure as you’re alive
There’s a new day dawning in your life
You can’t stop the morning

Oh, it seems like only yesterday
Bold and unafraid nobody can
Shake you
Then the darkness chase the sun away
The night seems here to stay
No sign of a rescue
Wheat he’s started in you
He’s sure to finish
Morning light will break thru
Hope is on the way

Tryin’ stop rain showers in the spring
The flowers that they bring
The world from turnin’
Stop the wind from blowin’ in the trees
Stop the melody of birds in the morning
Just as sure as rainbows follow
Stormy weather
Don’t give up don’t lose hope
Morning’s on the way

Can’t stop the world from turnin’
Can’t stop the sun from shinin’
Can’t stop the birds from singin’
You can’t stop the morning
Sure as there’s a time for sorrow
Morning light is sure to follow
There will be a bright tomorrow
If you can just hold on a little bit longer

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