(You changed my life) [2x]

So many nights I wondered
About this day I pondered
When you just stepped right in
I didn’t know what to do
All I knew is I needed you and you rescued me
And you changed my life

Honorin’ this union
We were joined and now we are one
I love you forever, I’m gonna leave you never
Every day more and more is wonderful who I adore
I’m not the same since you came

(You changed my life)

Love, went into my heart you came, yeah
You came into my life I’m no longer the same

Now that I have you with me all of my life beside me
I’m free indeed you said you never leave me lonely
If I made you my one and only love
Now you are my life

It’s in you I live and to you my life I give
You can make me what you want
Full of Glory (‘cuz I wanna be)
Every day’s a brighter day ‘cuz you with me all the way
I’m not the same since you came since you came
You changed my life [4x]

When into my heart you came you changed my life
Ohhh I’ll never be the same

Today is the first day of the rest of my life
To be more of what you want me to be
And I promise to cherish what God has bestowed upon me
Cuz you changed my life
And I’ll never be the same
No no no no
(You changed my life)
I’m so glad you decided to bring your whole life to me
So glad you came into my life
(You changed my life)
You came and you changed me [3x]
You came and you changed honor this union Lord!!!!!
(You changed my life)
I’ll never be lonely again.


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